DrinkTell is the first-ever comprehensive U.S. beverage database and predictive model. Capturing 40-plus years of beverage industry experience, DrinkTell tracks all key beverage categories and subcategories annually and quarterly. There is no comparable database in the market today. DrinkTell offers the benefit of facilitating efficiency in use of resources along with cost savings that will drive accelerated return-on-investment. It can assist in business planning, offer sales applications, provide operations benefits, and more. DrinkTell will provide you with the insights to drive enhanced decision-making and performance in today’s competitive beverage market. Furthermore, DrinkTell is customizable to suit your specific needs. DrinkTell tracks the following beverage categories: Carbonated soft drinks, Bottled Water, Fruit Beverages, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks, Value-Added Water, Coconut Water, Beer, Wine, Spirits and more. DrinkTell provides you with the following data on the U.S. beverage market: Category/Subcategory data Company/Brand data Advertising expenditures Flavors/Packaging/Regional data Demographic data.

Data is tracked in volume, wholesale dollars and retail dollars. And is tracked annually and quarterly.

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